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This version was released for Baselworld 2017 and we shared our first impressions here. Here, we will go hands-on with the Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton and explore what makes this watch tick, besides, you know… the dual balances.When it comes to evaluating the significance of this view, I consider it crucial to check at the brand’s history. Arnold named this watch the “No. 1,” starting a naming convention he would use for his significant timepieces moving forward.By 1772, an Arnold “No. 3” chronometer was aboard Captain Cook’s boat when he set out for his next trip across the Pacific, and Arnold chronometers goes on to accompany many other significant voyages over the following decades. His son, John Roger Arnold, started studying watchmaking under Abraham-Louis Breguet at 1792 and joined his father’s company four decades later. Breguet became a great friend of John Arnold and the two collaborated on balance layouts, the overcoil balance spring, along with the tourbillon, although Arnold died in 1799 before this concept could be realized. To mourn his departure, Breguet introduced his son with all the very first tourbillon escapement mounted in an Arnold pocket chronometer, which also conveys a personal inscription and is now exhibited in the British Museum at London.

The Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month is the flagship of the Ingenieur family. The design is inspired by the very first Ingenieur models and features a simple round case and polished bezel. The perpetual calendar with large digital date and month displays, which can be easily set using the crown, recognizes the different lengths of the months and takes into account the leap day every 4 years. The IWC-manufactured 89801-calibre movement also features a chronograph function. This timepiece has a 45-millimetre case made from 18-carat red gold, a silver-plated dial, black hands and a black alligator leather strap, and is limited to 100 watches.