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Baume Mercier

Cheap Baume Mercier Watches

Top Quality baume mercier watches replica Clinton series wrist watch not only have the date, week, month display function, the wrist watch at 6 o ‘clock position of the classic also has beautiful phases of the moon and display device.18 k gold time scale and pointer design, tie-in white disk, elegant dress.

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Baume& Mercier-Clifton-Watches

Cheap baume mercier watches replica was founded in 1830, my personal favorite is the Clifton series wrist watch.Classic circular dial, the unique ear and table side double inclined plane design is from an antique watches in the delicate lines of inspired, have a sense of retro classic. read more

Close-Up: Baume Mercier Promesse Ladies’ Watch Collection

Baume & Mercier has been turning to cheap fake watches uk its extensive watch archives to inspire its recent men’s watch collections, such as the Clifton. Last year, the Swiss brand launched a new watch line for ladies that takes its aesthetic cues from past models. The new Baume & Mercier Promesse, now in stores for Mother’s Day, is influenced by a classical model from the 1970s.

Baume & Mercier’s history with women’s watches stretches at least to 1918, when the founding duo of William Baume & Paul Mercier began creating jewelry watches in the Art Deco style of the era. The brand introduced the influential Marquise ladies’ watch, with a bangle bracelet, in the 1950s, and went on to introduce several award-winning models in the 1970s, including the Mimosa, Galaxy, and Stardust.Baume & Mercier Promesse Ref. 10166 and 10199 read more

Baume Mercier Witnessed The 2015 Graduation Ceremony of London Business School

Recently, the famous Swiss watch brand best cheap watches announced to celebrities to London Business School as the class of 2015 students graduating class celebration cooperation partner.Celebrities motto is “Life is about moments”, thus the brand to actively participate in to witness the precious moments of Life, convey the lasting joy, sharing, and meaningful values.

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The London graduate school category of cheap Baume Mercier  fake watches 2015 graduation ceremony, hope to witness the longer term business leaders to celebrities moment of glory, and become the right celebration gift.Chief government Alain Zimmermann said: “very glad to be with London graduate school students can celebrate the college youth fukui achievements. With made unforgettable to witness the dear moments of life table, good show the worth idea of celebrities.”
London graduate school category of 2015 students are going to be persevered July eight, the awards ceremony, graduates create profound contributions are going to be awarded a special ceremonial occasion gliding joint to celebrities, in recognition of their diligence and outstanding achievements
Baume & Mercier was supported in 1830, the complete founder Louis – Joseph Baume within the wave of the city (Les Bois) opened plant space the primary watch business.Then, his sons to “Freres Baume” within the name of the continue development of closed corporation.They concentrate on the outstanding tabulation technology, exquisite and cling to the constant pursuit of perfection, create closed corporation developing quickly, and this has become a complete proud TAB to fake watches browse. read more