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Best vacheron constantin métiers d art savoirs enluminés white gold replica watch

Best vacheron constantin métiers d art savoirs enluminés white gold replica watch

Similarly, the vacheron constantin métiers d art savoirs enluminés replica watches collection contributes to perpetuating this mind-set through timepieces that embody Art born of the collaboration between master craftsmen. The passing of the centuries has in no way dulled Vacheron Constantin’s boldness nor its quest for excellence. Now more than ever, the Maison asserts its creativity and skills in the realm of artistic crafts.

Best vacheron constantin métiers d art savoirs enluminés white gold replica watch

The new Métiers d’Art Savoirs Enluminés collection draws aesthetic inspiration from the Aberdeen Bestiary, an ancient Celtic manuscript recovered from the Middle Ages that is internationally recognised for the quality of its miniaturized illuminations. The art of miniaturisation, designed to emphatically celebrate a sizeable body of handwritten literature, is a complex technique requiring extensive collaboration between scribes, painters and gilders in the creation of veritable works of art. Its natural affinities with the world of watchmaking are particularly apparent in the new Métiers d’Art Savoirs Enluminés collection. Over and above the exceptional beauty of the Aberdeen Bestiary, vacheron constantin metiers d’art replica pays tribute to the transmission of knowledge that these manuscripts symbolize. An adventure that leads us to encounter a veritable legend, all too rarely revealed to the public, and yet almost universally shared by Eastern and Western cultures (cf : hand-written disclosure of knowledge through fundamental manuscripts).

The extremely high-quality illuminations in the Aberdeen Bestiary are painted on a gold background, barely burnished by time. They reveal colours, mainly blues and pinks and which remain extremely intense, with white having been used to accentuate the curves and shapes of the bodies. The artists required enormous imagination to draw these incredible animals that they had never seen.
With Savoirs Enluminés, a 60-piece limited series, Vacheron Constantin takes us on a voyage of discovery to the very heart of the Middle Ages, of illuminated manuscripts and the transmission of knowledge. Savoirs Enluminés is an exceptional collection that highlights watchmaking expertise, notably due to the original hour display on its ultra-thin self-winding calibre, as well as great mastery of the decorative arts.

Over and above their undeniable cultural value, the miniatures found in the Aberdeen Bestiary are a perfect example of a combination of talent. The illuminator and the gilder succeeded in perfectly matching their actions on the 103 folios of which the work consists. Like watchmaking, the manuscripts of the era passed through the hands of several master craftsmen and, step by step, each artisan made an essential contribution to the composition. On a parchment prepared by hand, the copyist monks hand inscribed the body of the text, leaving space with indications regarding the application of the gilding and the illuminations intended to structure the body of the text. Following this, the gilder applied the gold leaf. Finally the illuminator created his miniature directly on the fine layer of gold including the sketch, mixing of natural pigments and colouring by layer – an art requiring both coordination and precision.

Decorative watchmaking offers an opportunity to give free rein to artists’ unbridled imagination, while developing innovative craft techniques. Vacheron Constantin has always displayed a unique inclination towards art and cultural patronage and draws upon these riches in the exceptional limited edition Savoirs Enluminés timepiece collection, which demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s genuine technical and aesthetic expertise.

Aside from the exceptional aesthetic aspects of the vacheron constantin replica watches, the collection also offers a patented mechanism featuring a dragging (or trailing) hour display. Combined with the delicate craft of Grand Feu enamel, which includes the Genevan technique of miniature painting, this limited edition timepiece collection contains is truly exceptional.