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2013 BASEL: Replica Hamilton Innovation Mingles Classical

After finishing its 120 anniversary hamilton watch replicas ceremony,in Pre-Basel 2013,Hamilton brought its new Jazzmaster Face2Face double face watch which was origin from Hollywood movie,it perfectly showed the American innovate spirit by its special style;as for other versions like Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton、Jazzmaster Regulator and Khaki Pilot Pioneer were trend to implicit classical face.Among all the models of Hamilton,Jazzmaster Regulator was my favorite especially the blue face one.2013 BASEL: Hamilton创新与古典交融 (点击图片翻页)
The main work of this year Jazzmaster Face2Face was origin from the super hero’s double personality of The Talented Mr. Ripley Spider-man and Superman Returns which let the watch showed double styles via the connecting movement and the overturn equipment.An ETA 2094 automatic fake Hamilton watches and another ETA 2671 to apply the functions of chrono and big three hands.To accommodate two movement relative to some compromise on the size, oval watchcase 53 x 44 mm, this not only challenge the taste of the consumer, also have to some weight wrist.”Jazzmaster Face2Face” global set limit to 888.2013 BASEL: Hamilton创新与古典交融 (点击图片翻页)
Let’s turn to Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton, respectively for 40 mm, 36 mm styles, men and women are carrying a new H – 20 – S hollow out movement, the biggest characteristic is that has the words “H” pattern on the bridge plate decoration, fully open type dial through them first the structure of the movement.40 mm male table design brand Logo and name into annular decoration style, as for the central hollow out asymmetric mode dial faces, it makes some turkistan Uighur classical hollow out table looks, but also show the modern style of Hamilton.As for 36 mm female table is white theme, dial to ring hollow cone collocation more time scale, gently beautiful replica watches online curve.