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Top Grade IWC – Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante Milan, Paris and Munich Eta Movement Replica Watches

IWC Schaffhausen introduced the first Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante (Ref. 3712) in 1995. The combination of the sporty double chronograph complication for simultaneously measuring two short periods of time and the elegant design of the Portugieser was a pioneering achievement. The model was last launched in 2006 and today IWC unveils three special limited-edition versions of this classic in honour of IWC boutiques in three European cities.

The Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante Edition “Boutique Milano” (Ref. IW371215), with a red gold case and blue dial, is limited to 100 pieces. Featuring a telemeterscale on the flange and a tachymeter scale on the inner circle of the dial, it is secured to the wrist by a hand-finished black alligator leather strap.


250 watches are being launched in the Edition “Boutique Rue de la Paix” (Ref. IW371216), with a stainless-steel case, slate-coloured dial and black alligator leather strap, and in the Edition “Boutique Munich” (Ref. IW371217), with a stainless-steel case, blue dial and blue alligator leather strap.

Instead of the energy from the mainspring flowing directly into the escapement, it must first pass through Arnold & Son’s constant force mechanism. The controlled power supply costs a little hairspring, which releases a constant amount of force to the tourbillon once per second. With this mechanism, there will nevertheless come a point when the power released by the double barrels along with the continuous force mechanism falls below a stage that is sufficient to maintain a normal output. While this happens, the watch stops instead of letting an isochronal error to creep into the timekeeping.In accession to this interesting solution, the Arnold & Son Continuous Force Tourbillon comes with a deadbeat seconds complication, which causes the seconds hand to “tick” rather than sweep as you may expect in a mechanical timepiece. Outstanding consistency is attained thanks to the symmetry of this motion’s construction, in addition to the fact that the continuous pressure escapement remains stationary through operation, while the tourbillon cage moves once per minute. This is in an effort to reduce the effect of gravity to the escapement’s functioning. Assuming, though, that this watch is not likely to be worn in the presence of strong magnetic fields (it is barely acceptable for use on a building site or while flying a helicopter, for example), the negative perfectly suits the intended application.The Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon watch is a limited edition of that only 28 will be made. The A&S5119 movement has 39 jewels, a depth of 6mm, a 90-hour power reserve, and works in 21,600vph. The motion is almost perfectly symmetrical, and each of the specialized elements are observable on the dial-side. The three-dimensional motion architecture is intended to replicate the English heritage of marine chronometer structure. The watch is water resistant to 30 metres and comes on a hand-stitched brown leather alligator strap.

The display on these models is based on the original design of the Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante from 1995. The engravings on the back of the watches show icons or landmarks from the respective cities. All three timepieces are driven by a hand-wound 76240-calibre movement. Offering a power reserve of 44 hours, it beats at 28,800 A/h and powers the stopwatch function with minutes and seconds, small hackingseconds and split-seconds hand for intermediate timing.
In addition to the capabilities of a pure chronograph, the double chronograph also features a split-seconds mechanism. On starting the chronograph, two centrally rotating stopwatch hands – mounted one above the other – are set in motion. An additional push-button at “10 o’clock” is used to stop the upper hand, while the lower hand continues to move until the regular stop button at “2 o’clock” is pushed. This enables two short periods of time to be measured simultaneously.


The Portugieser Chronograph Rattrapante Edition “Boutique Milano” is now available in the IWC boutique Milan. The Edition “Boutique Rue de la Paix” will be available from December 2016 in the IWC boutique Rue de la Paix in Paris, and the Edition “Boutique Munich” is expected to be available from spring 2017 in the IWC boutique Munich.
Watch enthusiasts can already register their interest in purchasing the watch via the IWC Concierge Service (

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