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Take A Look At The Best Quality Tudor Glamour Date Replica Watch

You’ve probably heard of the Tudor Glamour Date Replica Watch or the Pelagos or, if your other half’s a real watch nut, the North Flag. To you Tudor is most definitely a man’s brand.But Tudor replica watch also makes some really gorgeous watches for women. They are sophisticated without making you feel as though you’ve aged yourself by 10 years, still have that slightly under-the-radar cool credential, and look fantastic on.Today,we decided to take a closer look at the Tudor Glamour Date replica watch.


The Tudor Glamour Date replica watch is the ideal first watch for any woman who wants something that is simple, elegant and goes with everything.It ticks all those “proper watch” boxes perfectly. It even has a screw-down crown, making it safe for swimming, and has a subtle date window at three o’clock. The black dial of this Tudor replica watch adds an element of interest – steel tends to come with a white or off-white dial – and the diamonds make it feel special, making it great to give as a gift for a special occasion.


All the Tudor Glamour replica watches come with a subtle double bezel, which means that it can be transformed in an instant, allowing the addition of yellow gold, ceramic or diamonds. We’re fans of the steel on steel, giving the watch, as it does, a real elegance especially when combined with the diamond indices and black dial.There’s a real Goldilocks element to this tudor glamour ladies watch, coming as it does in three sizes. For us the 36mm is a little too big, the 26mm too small so we would opt for the 31mm.

This Tudor Glamour Date replica watch is elegance personified and a sure sign that Tudor should no longer be getting kudos from its familial connections or continue to be known as a brand for boys only.


Because this tudor glamour date 26mm watch is such a classic timepiece, you could pair it successfully with anything. However, I think this season’s wide-legged trousers and roll-neck sweaters would play up its inherent insouciance. Team with heels or to add a shot of glamour to proceedings or with classic white trainers to throw a spanner in the sartorial works.

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