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Take A Look At The Breguet Tradition Chronograph Independant 7077 Replica Watch

The Breguet Tradition Chronograph Independant 7077 replica watch is going to be the third piece dedicated to a Breguet watch and it follows two previous ones about other watches pertaining to the Tradition and the Classique Complications collections, it is also the very first article that talks about a 2015 novelty.


The breguet tradition chronograph replica watch is a double frequency watch, for the simple reason that it has two cores; the chrono and the time counting mechanism are separated from each other. It is as if you were wearing a three-hands timepiece around your wrist while holding a chrono counter in your right hand. Breguet replica watch managed to harmonize these two different cores and place them within the same case while still keeping them separated from each other.

Breguet-Tradition-7077-Chronograph-Independent-replica2The engineers working at the Breguet manufacture probably thought about the word “ efficiency ” when they came up with this Breguet Tradition Chronographe Independant 7077 replica watch. They probably thought something like this: “ let’s give the chrono some energy but only when it really needs it “. clock.

It is unmistakably for a Breguet replica watch, actually a Tradition one, that is to say “a classic timepiece that pays homage to Breguet ‘s history” and, sometimes it might look a bit too overcrowded or even baroque. At first sight I cannot say that this is my “first” Breguet , unless my eye weren’t statically


evaluate what it is looking at but were knowing exactly what it is beholding. This is the quintessence of the chrono complication and it could almost compete with a tourbillon. This comparison makes you understand how much work and planning are behind this breguet tradition 7077 replica watch but it also makes you wonder whether you should opt for this Tradition or if you should go for another “ entry level ” proposal that sports the most famous complication.

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