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Corum Admiral's Cup Light Blue Dial Stainless Steel Automatic Men's Watch

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Nothing about the movement or demonstration particularly feels just like a logical extension of the Admiral’s Cup DNA. Something like this could make considerably more sense being within an Romulus collection. It does not seem plausible the relative prevalence of the Admiral’s Cup line has made it that the breeding ground for virtually every new notion Corum wants to release. If they want to examine their own past, Corum will find that they’re a brand of excellent design creativity and aesthetic creativity. I truly want them to reunite the Admiral’s Cup to some place of a authentic marine or yachting distinction and make new visual references for pieces it needs to incorporate a tourbillon chronograph into.I’ve never really been a fan of watches with aluminum instances because of their fragility. Corum has claimed the aluminum version of this watch has some kind “ceramisation” as a coat to offer the dark gray tone. Is that supposed to imply there’s some type of ceramic coating in the situation to make it strong? I’m not sure and that isn’t exactly what they say. Though I can say I am not a huge fan of matte finished grey surfaces either for watch cases. In a nutshell I think Corum has been missing a layout opportunity with its high-complication piece like this. Save whatever personality the Admiral’s Cup collection has abandoned and make it amazing collection again. When it comes to tourbillons or usage of novel materials and manufacturing techniques, possibly designing a new collection is a much better idea than coming up with titles like “Seafender” that I am sure most will argue do not have any firm being paired with a tourbillon to start with. read more