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Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Steel Case Vacheron Constantin Overseas Replica Watch

In 1898, Steel Case Vacheron Constantin Overseas Replica Watch presented a water-resistant pocket watch capable of withstanding extreme conditions. A model created in 1885 was designed to withstand magnetic disturbances thanks to the incorporation of palladium, gold and bronze components.From the late 19th century onwards, timepieces embodying remarkable breakthroughs in terms of anti-magnetism and water-resistance were the first steps towards sports-oriented watches from the Maison.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas

This sport watch was fitted with a screwed-down bezel and caseback guaranteeing water-resistance to 120 metres.This trend was reinterpreted several decades later, during the 1970s, by various iconic models including the famous “222” presented in 1977 to mark the 222nd anniversary of Vacheron Constantin Overseas Replica Watch. In 2016, the new-wave, Hallmark of Geneva-certified Overseas is casting anchor in the 21 st century. Vacheron Constantin has gradually developed the identify codes of this line over the years, such as the metal bracelet introduced in 2004 and featuring a motif evoking the Maltese cross brand emblem. Its dynamic lines, its signature bezel and its solid caseback adorned with a depiction of the famous Amerigo Vespucci three-masted ship are an open invitation to travel the seven seas. This remarkably technical collection soon became a touchstone for the Maison. Designed to suit an active lifestyle, it inspired the 1996 creation of the first Overseas models, powered by the spirit of travel and openness to the world.

The formal characteristics of its sturdy case heralded the design of contemporary Vacheron Constantin Replica Watch. The technical attributes and the sporty appearance of these timepieces were confirmed through an aesthetic approach combining a “form” case with a 10-sided case topped by a round disc. The 1930s saw the emergence of steel “form” watches distinguished by screwed- down bezels and casebacks, as well as by unbreakable sapphire crystals.