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Eterna Skeleton Black Leather Strap Replica Watches

The case, classic Eterna Skeleton Black Leather Strap Replica Watches in its round form, features clean and balanced proportions, with delicately convex sides and is endowed with cambered two-step lugs, creating an especially elegant profile. The sapphire crystal is set in a light metal return which emphasises the curved gentleness of the Swiss replica watches face. The winder is notched and decorated with the five-ball motif of the Eterna logo. The polished steel finish of the set complements the proportions of the case.

The history of watchmaking has proven that nothing is created from a tabula rasa, or a blank plate, and that memories and voices of models past always have their say. In this case, we make claim to the iconic Eterna Matic “Skeleton” from 1991 which in turn was inspired by designs from the
Yet this tribute is a creation in its own right. The eterna skeleton watch replica designer wanted to revive the creative act which has always guided human ingenuity: drawing by hand. This Eterna Skeleton Replica Watches was created in its entirety on graph paper, in continuing with a tradition cherished by the company.


Skeleton, une nouvelle pièce horlogère qui donne de la transparence à la lecture du temps en dévoilant son ordre mécanique. © Eterna

The movement stretches out over the entire surface of the dial:  winding mechanism, barrel, mechanisms, Swiss escapement, pendulum or regulator become a riddle and read like an abstract composition. The watchmaker plays with cut-outs and notched or perforated forms and adds a chromatic tone by contrasting the anthracite treatment (NAC), gold and silver-plated metal of machined parts and the rubies. A light and narrow bright bezel accompanies the hour markers. Two versions are available: one with twelve numbers in black matte, the other with simple metal points. Finally, the dauphine hands accentuate the set.


The Calibre 3902M is visible through the sapphire crystal of the caseback.

Developed by Eterna, the 3902M movement is a manual winding model; this provides for relatively small thickness of the case and considerably contributes to the volume balance of the watch (42 mm copy watches sale diameter and 10.5 mm thickness). It boasts a high power reserve of 65 hours.
The movement is derived from the Calibre 39, one of the greatest recent innovations of the company. No less than 88 different movement versions can be developed on the basis of this design. The basic calibre, in its most simple version with manual winding and fitted with minute and second hands, owes fake eterna skeleton watch for sale  versatility to a unique modular concept. Additional components and subassemblies can be integrated easily and efficiently.


The bracelet adds a sophisticated tone to the timepiece. Initially used for furniture elements by artisanal craftsmen, woven leather has been transposed into a bracelet, in the tradition of Italian tanners. Available in dark brown, black or light brown, it perfectly complements the materials and colours of the Eterna Replica Watches. Each colour version of the bracelet will be produced in a limited edition collection of 160 pieces.

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