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Daily Archives: June 9, 2015

Swiss Replica Tag Heuer Chronograph Watch

TBT is back from Baselworld 2015 and it’s time to jump into more affordable vintage.  Hot on the heels of our recently published Replica Tag Heuer Chronograph Watch, we’ll now spend some time talking about a true vintage piece from the brand.

It’s no secret that vintage Heuer chronographs are hot. The allure of strapping on a vintage chronograph with a strong connection to racing ticks a lot of boxes. In fact, I’ve met people over the years that really don’t care much about Swiss Replica Tag Heuer Chronograph Watch but they like racing and, therefore, desire a Heuer (or even TAG Heuer) chronograph. For vintage watch and chronograph collectors, the design language of vintage Heuer is undeniably cool and, for the early models at least, about as clean and purposeful as one can find on oft over-populated dials. With values apparently having no upper limit, is there still a way for collectors to “break into” vintage Heuer at a decent price? read more